Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I suppose it was only a matter of time

I was somewhat surprised when I was in WH smiths over the weekend to notice a new rack of gift cards. Not for use in the store mind you, or for magazine subscriptions or even for Itunes. No these gift cards were for credit to use in your favourite facebook games.

So yes now you can help somebody celebrate their birthday by giving them credit to use on their non existent farm.

Anyway it's been a fantastic day weather wise and even better I was out of work early enough to enjoy it as it's my first Saturday shift on well saturday ( I know easter Saturday it sucks but c'est la vie) I get to finish early each day in lieu of the time I do on Saturday. Plus as it's Easter Friday this Friday which I wouldn't be working I'm getting to finish even earlier the normal.

And for those of you not keeping up with the English Bank Holidays, thanks to the upcoming Royal wedding we have a extra one this year. So we get this Friday and Monday off. We then go back to work for three days before we get the following Friday and Monday off.

Awesome :-)!

Later folks

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