Monday, March 28, 2011

Tales of the unexpected

Well I was all fired up to have a great start to the day and that's what I was aiming to do.

However there was one problem.

I got up out of bed.

First problem of the day. The car was totally iced up. Yes, totally iced up and we're nearly into April!

The next problem of the day was that This delayed me just long enough to miss the earlier bus from the car park which if not annoying enough, the bus driver watied until I had just pulled into the car parking space and was grabbing my bag before he pulled off.

and then the third problem of the day was that although my computer on my new desk had been set up it decided to throw the computer equivilant of a five year olds tantrum and stead fastly refused to let me log in properly. We had to go and fetch IT who then took half a hour to fix the thing.

So just to recep first day in a new team and I had a iced car, missed the bus and couldn't start work for half an hour.

The start to my first day with my new team certainly made an impression on me if no one else.

Still the day improved rather rapidly after that. It was still a little strange being with a new team but it's early days and I'm sure things will change as we get to know one another.

Later folks

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