Saturday, March 26, 2011

That time of year

Well we've been having a fantastic week weather wise. There's been blue skys, lots of sunshine and rather warm weather.

But now it's Saturday, the day I don't have to go to work and do you wanna take a guess what happened to the weather?

Well it went away rather rapidly leaving us with overcast skies and rather cool temperatures.

Which is rather annoying but I had the feeling irony wasn't going to let us get good weather on the day when we didn't have to work.

Plus we've reached that time of year when the clocks go forward so we're loosing a hour of sleep tonight. Which always tend to screw my sleep patterns up a little bit and of course it's not as enjoyable as when the clocks go back as after all you get a extra hour in bed then.

Yesterday was quite a odd experience a work as we were all packing our desks up ready for the move to our new places on Monday. I figured out that in my almost one and a half years at my current place this will be my sixth desk

Which is quite a lot when you consider at my last place I only went through four desks in nearly seven years!

We all chipped in for a present for our team manager which he really wasn't expecting as half the team are going with him and he was rather touched that we went to the trouble.

I am really going to miss working with the whole team as we all got on really well. But it could be worse I suppose, at least three of the team are coming with me, even if we're not going to be sitting next to each other. Their spreading us round the team we're joining. Which makes sense logically I suppose.

Doesn't stop it being annoying.


Later folks

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