Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun and games

With everything that has been in the news this week things have been feeling a little grim.

Because lets face it there's only so much talk you can hear about rebellions, uprising, no fly zones, earthquakes and nuclear disasters before even the most opptomistic of people start to feel a little down.

So it was a nice way to end out the week with Red Nose Day. Which for those of you who don't know is a annual charity day in the UK which ends with a evening of charity tv shows.

Most work places tend to do silly events for charity and my place was no exception.

We had the ever popular cake sale, there was a auction of donated gifts such as days out and so forth donnated by local companies, tombola's, a sponsored bike ride ( which didn't go as far as you'd think as it was on exercise bikes), some other fun and games and last of all and by no means least the trival pursuits game which involved some managers and seniors. You paid a pound a go and you could ask them a trival pursuits question. They get it right they were safe. If they got it wrong, you got to tip a whole can of either beans or custard over them.

It was fun, silly and quite unsurprisingly incredibly popular.

well when else can you chuck food over your bosses and get away with it :-)


Later folks

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