Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A flaw in the plan

Well we had some good news today at work. The bosses have decided to give us a extra dress down day this week, so that means another five minutes in bed this morning as I won't have to get up to iron a shirt.

Awesome :-)

Okay well I suppose five minutes is really neither here or there but it seems like a lot first thing in the morning.

We've been told that we will be moving on Friday and in our new teams on Monday. So we need to move all of our things last thing on Friday to our new desks so our current bank of desks can be moved to their new postion over the weekend to where we can sit on them on Monday morning as our new desks.

Seen the ever so slight flaw in that little plan yet?

We did. Pretty darn quickly. Still at least coming up with a solution will be interesting :-)

Later folks

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