Monday, March 14, 2011

Outcasts outcasted

Well despite my best hopes the inevitable has happened and so the day after the series 1 finale aired it's been announced that Outcasts has been cancelled.

Which means it will join the long list of TV series with cliffhangers that will never get resolved.

I'll admit the series had it's flaws, firstly insisted that it was not a sci-fi show and quite frankly it ended with a episode that couldn't get more any more sci-fi based.

But it was improving and to be perfectly honest it was far better then Primeval's last series.

However it was too late and with it probably goes the last chance to see any new sci-fi on prime tv British tv for sometime to come.

It's been a busy few days at work but the first of the moves have started so it won't be long until we'll be moving desks. However in my case it will be literally, as the bank of desks we currently sit at are going to be moved across the building to where we will be sitting as part of our new team.

We actually had our last "official" team meeting today which was a very bittersweet affair as we're such a close knit team we're all going to really miss working together. Still it could be worse as at least we'll still be working with some members from the team.


Later folks

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