Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stop the world I wanna get off.

Well I experienced a new kind of rain while driving to institute last night. Not the super mega death rain, I've previously described, this was the annoying persistent rain. Yes it had been raining slowly but steadily all day, so the amount of water on the road surface was horrendous. It didn't help that the vast majority of people seemed completely oblivious to this fact and the reduced visibility, so they kept their speed up. This kicked so much water up into the air, I wasn't sure if it was water or just misty out. How there weren't more accidents, last night I'll never know.

The food at the W's was as nice as ever. It's so good to have a nice home cooked/prepared meal rather then Grumpys usual way of making dinner. Grabbing something from the freezer and shove that in the oven and cook some frozen veg or sumthing. Anyway, SW came to institute as well because as it's half term, there was no seminary for her to teach. So I took J and G and traveler and J's friend went with SW. ( why can't I think of good codenames for them?). Unsurpringly she beat us there, now I don't mean that in a really sarky way, but it's just with heavy rain or bad driving conditions I don't like to push things while driving, due to me flipping my first car over and it being written off. Sw is a more confident driver and can handle those conditions better

Institute was as great as always. Bro H his usual great selves at teaching the lesson. I have to admit I think I would find the lessons a lot more boring if he wasn't there. Although in one part of the lesson we had to talk to the person sitting next to us and we had to tell them what we were glad about and for some reason I had a complete mental blank and could only think of being glad for having a home cooked dinner that night. I was sitting next to MM, who is either one of these people who always see's the positive in everything or was on something. either way I was jealous :-)

Banana was also there as well and it was very nice to see her. It's not been the same since she stopped coming regularly. There was also a card for A ( I think Nemesis calls her goldilocks or sumthing) as she's leaving soon. So the lesson was good, it was afterwards I displayed my innate ability to act like a pillock at the worst of times. G was going to go home with H, which meant that there would have been a spare place in SW's car, so I thought that meant I could go straight home rather then having to wait for the activity to finish. but when I asked SW she seemed a bit taken back ( just to emphasis this is how I interpreted it and with my powers of utter pillockness I'm fairly certain I got it wrong) and said that she was going right then as she needed to get home as she was receiving a phone call at 10pm. So I may, no wait there was no may about it, snapped at her that it was fine and I would just wait for J to finish. now why I snapped I have no idea, and I really wished I did because I know I shouldn't have and I certainly had no right too. So I waited round for a few more minutes and then the activity seemed to be winding up by itself, so SW said she would take him and I could go. I double checked and she said it was fine, although again to me she seemed ticked off, which after me snapping at her she had every right to be. So there you have it folks, it seems like I've upset SW over a very, very trivial thing. Could I be anymore of a pillock??
(rhetorical question by the way)

I don't know what's up with me at the minute, my get up and go has seemed to have got up and gone. Or maybe it's just because it seems like I'm getting slammed from several different directions at the moment. I just can't seem to get myself going to do anything.

I dunno,


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Anonymous said...

I'm sure an "I'm sorry" phonecall or text or email would do the trick. SW is a very forgiving person, I think. And no, a blog entry doesn't count as an apology. :-)

Glad Institute was good, I miss it!!