Wednesday, October 11, 2006

and I thought last time was bad!

My two words of the week.

Ouch and Expensive.

Yes folks it has been one heck of a expensive week for yours truly. Firstly the cars service and subsequent oil sump replacement cost £450. Then one of the rear tires was punctured. So I'm going to have to buy a new tire and finally I had to sort out the car insurance which will be £560 for the year. However there is still a drop of £1000 since the last time I tried to get insurance with me as the main driver. Also I don't have to pay all of it in one go, I can pay installments monthly thank goodness!! So now you see why my two words of the week are Ouch and expensive!

Well I'm playing taxi again tonight. Yes it's Institute time again!! Ya!! It's actually turning into the highlight of my week at the moment, which I think demonstrates how boring things are in my life at the moment. Doesn't it?

It's been raining quite heavily here all day, so my feet are likely to get very, very wet on my way to the car. We're about to have a office move here at work and yes before you ask I am indeed drawing a mental blank. For some strange reason I am finding it really, really difficult to say anything. Maybe because at the minute I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop as it were. I'm really not in the correct frame of mind to go into it here, but regular readers really wouldn't need three guesses to correctly guess who is one of the main people involved.

If I'm in the right frame of mind I'll try and explain tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Dangit, now I'm all intrigued!

I'm really sorry about the car troubles, though. Ouch indeed.

Saxon said...

it's now that intriging. you can probably guess who the two main people involved are!