Thursday, October 12, 2006

I will get something constructive done; it’s just at this rate it will take about 40 years.

This is a backdated post by the way in case anyone gets real confused. It should have bee posted last sunday, but the computer decided not to co operate :-)

Well which of these is the most heavy?

A) Car b) house C) the pile of work I will have waiting for me when I return to work tomorrow.

Well I have the depressing feeling it ain’t gonna be A or B. Yes I know the posting on the blog front has been less then stellar this week, but I figured after yet again failing to do half of the constructive tasks I had planned because I was seduced by the brain rotting selection of shows on digital TV, subjecting you to several days of describing in detail the complete lack of things I managed to get done would not do my chances of actually keeping the handful of regular visitors I actually have interested and visiting this blog. However a number of slightly interesting and events did crop up and I will do my best to bore you with them………………now.

The digital channels. Some of the stuff is good, other stuff is complete tosh, especially the stuff they play mid morning. One channel in particular is apparently a highly rated comedy channel playing 24 hours a day. However this is only if you pay for the channels. On freeview the channel only plays 9am to 6pm and you get the same shows , Less then perfect, 8 simply rules, home improvement and scrubs playing in a loop. Which is annoying but obviously as they only have a finite number of these shows sooner or later then going to have to start again. Which means they have long since given up even attempting to show the shows in order. Which does make for some entertaining viewing. In a way.
The actor who played the Dad in 8 simple rules died, but the show continued for a little while and introduced two new characters, the grandfather and CJ who dropped out of the army, went back to college then got a job teaching at the local school . So watching all of the episodes they show in the order their showing them in can mean that this happens, The dads alive, he’s dead, he’s alive again, Cj is working at the school, he’s just arrived, he’s finished his college course, He’s just started it, he hasn’t arrived, the Dad’s alive again, etc, etc, etc. There’s a similar theme with scrubs. She’s pregnant, now she isn’t, she’s just had the baby, she had the baby ages ago, she’s pregnant again. etc, etc, etc. Although I have got over the new and shinyness syndrome of having the freeview channels after I found myself watching Judge Judy and may have then spent a few minutes running around the house gibbing insanely to myself about “ What am I doing” as I realised I was quite probably rotting the few shreds of brain I actually have left.

The car, or as I am currently referring to it as “ Money pit on wheels” until I have actually worked through some of my spitting rage and anger went it for it’s service and as you may have guessed something went wrong. It came through it’s service fine apart from the one tiny problem of the oil sump going porous and leaking oil. So it had to be replaced. Suffice to say with the service and the sump being done together it was as expensive as it sounds. Fortunately as I have a credit card for emergencies it’s not going to hurt as much as it would have paying ‘cash’, but I am going to be paying it off for two or three months now. Oh well. Although one word of advice for everyone, if someone you know owns a car and they’ve just had to pay out a lot of money to get it fixed, saying things like “ Ouch, that’s bad” or “ That was unlucky is fine” Telling the person, “ Oh well that’s part of owning a car “ is a bad idea as not only is it obvious and a little condescending it does sound like you been sent by Sod to gleefully rub it in their faces. However if you insist in telling them this, I would try and make sure that there are n sharp objects within easy reach of the person J

LDS Linkup update. 21 friends still, only 3 comments. CP has now signed up to the service now and is up to 35 friends and eight comments within two weeks. Am I bitter, no of course not. Now excuse me while I go and crawl under the table and cry.

Institute this week and as if I’m not good enough projecting the image of looser, I got a helping hand with the activity after the lesson. We had to try and draw two other people and they draw us etc. So not only did everyone see my terrible drawing skills I then compounded the very bad drawing I did of one girl by then forgetting her name. In the words of that great 20 and 21st century philosophy Homer J Simpson D’OOOHH. I did have dinner at the Ws as I was off and had to let Dad borrow the car so he could pop to the doctors straight after work. It was still fun despite going on a magical mystery tour on the way back when we discovered that the off ramp for their junction was shut. But oh well.

Well that’s about it for now I have some more ramblings, but I’m sure I’ll get to them tomorrow.


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