Tuesday, October 31, 2006


No I've not finally gone crazy and started to make up totally random words. I thought I would share some photos that I took at our YSA activity on Friday, which was imaginatively titled Chineween by our YSA reps Smooth and bosslady. It was a combination halloween and some Chinese holiday/event party.

and before anyone askes I have no idea whats happened with Bosslady's eyes, it's either the flash or maybe the photograph, *cue dramatic drumroll* reveals her true nature :-) You decide!

and well I don't think that there's anything more I can say about this picture then the picture says itself :-)

Hopefully tthey'll like these two pictures better then the last two I posted that featured them.

benn playing with my photo editing software!

The pumpkin our team carved. Don't ask!

and a couple of random photos to finish!



Anonymous said...

Sigh . . . now I'm homesick for England. What photo-editing software do you use? Right now I use Picasa by Google because it's free, but I'm interested in what other people have found!

Saxon said...

depends I tend to use either olympus software (which came with my camera) or fireworks