Friday, October 13, 2006

A week I would rather forget

I always wonder when seeing the equations that scientists work on to see if they can prove that life on other planets exist if they bother to also work out the chances of these races having those own equivalent of sod/Murphy/irony.

Yes in case you haven't guessed I have had what most rank as one of the worst weeks ever. Don't believe me? Well lets review the last seven days shall we children?

I put my car in for a service and they then discover that the oil sump has gone porous and is leaking. It has to be replaced so the bill for the sump and service comes to £450.

I go to a YSA activity at engineseer's which has been organized by boss lady. As the car was still in the garage he had to come and pick me up. However absolutely nobody else turns up, including Boss lady who had organized the whole thing .

my watch strap breaks.

The best of my two rear tires gets a very bad puncture and goes completely flat. I change it for the spare but I'm going to have to go and buy a new tire.

The car insurance was due. After much searching I finally find the best quote at £560, although I can pay monthly fortunately enough.

due to a miscommunication ( not blaming anyone in case they read these, just one of those things) the W's mum didn't realize I would be coming for dinner on Wednesday when I was being the taxi for them so they didn't do any dinner for me. did get a nice mousse though.

On the way to institute the car started to excessively rev, even when I've come to a stop. I had to call the RAC out who discovered that a important throttle sensor in the engine had gone, so the car needed to go into a garage asap. I had to leave institute early and the W's with Bro H who gave them a lift home.

My local garages idea of fitting a car in for a emergency/urgent repair would be to see it next Wednesday.

I had to take the car to the original dealer for them to fix. Costs £150

I discover that they had given me the wrong MOT certificate, so the Car had the MOT six months before it needed to. All I get from them is basically 'oops sorry' .

Discussed all of the problems with the Car with them and the impression it has given of their business. Only response I get from then on this is " nothing we can do It's just wear and tear" They miss the point.

Grumpy has managed to loose the invitation, wedding present list, and directions to my half sisters wedding. Yet he's refusing to ring and ask for the details as he doesn't want to admit he screwed up

The light bulb blew in my bedroom and we currently have no spares. Last night I had to get ready for bed in the dark using a touch.

I opened a bottle of sprite and it quite literally 'blew up.' most of the kitchen tops, floor, and me end up covered in sprite. Despite my best efforts the floor is now very sticky.

The insurance company have some managed to insure the car twice. Once in my name with Grumpy as a named driver, and once in Mums name.

despite leaving 20 minutes early for work so I could catch up on some work that I couldn't do yesterday as I couldn't get to work with the car being broken, I got stuck in a huge traffic jam which meant I actually arrived 20 minutes later then usual.

making grumpy's lunch I discovered that he's been helping himself to stuff in the fridge, so no fillings left for my sandwiches

I only have one other thing to say. Arggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what have I done to deserve all this.

I think I'll do the only sensible grown up thing that I can do. I'll go back to bed and hide under the duvet.



Anonymous said...

Holy cow. Yes. Do hide under the duvet for awhile. Have a nap. And maybe some chocolate.

I'm crossing my fingers for you that next week will be better. :-)

Saxon said...

well either it will be or theres a very real chance it might be worse, but I'll explain that later