Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Round and round and round we go, where this is gonna stop no one knows!

It might have sucked to be Robinson Crusoe. Stranded on a desert island miles and miles from civilization but at least he had one or two advantages. No work, could always get a good spot on the beach for sunbathing and there was absolutely no annoying family members around to drive you so crazy you want to KNOCK THEIR HEADS TOGETHER IN A EFFORT TO GET SOME SENSE BACK INTO THEIR HEADS!

Guess what everybody, I'm currently feeling a bit stressed. Well it's my half sister E's wedding on Saturday and as far as I'm aware to this point Mum still hasn't told Grumpy that she's not going and yet he keep's asking me if she is. I really don't want to get in the line of fire here so I keep trying to avoid the question as I really, really don't want to be the one who has to tell him. I'm also worried that she might not tell him at all, and so he'll find out some other way which will seriously set him off, especially as the pair of them are actually communicating fairly okay at the moment. Oh well, I guess we'll see what happens there.

We had a YSA fireside on Sunday. Wow lots of activities, and now firesides. Anyone would think we had a pair of quite keen YSA ward reps. Oh wait! We do! Although both Boss lady and Smooth really, really need to work on their salesmanship. This is how their sold it in the YSA Sunday school class,

" We have a fireside tonight. We won't tell you what it's about or you'll probably not turn up"

See what I mean? For those of you who haven't been able to figure it out yet through that 'interesting' selling pitch, the fireside was about Marriage and relationships. Actually near enough the entire Loughborough YSA turned up, I think at most we were missing one or two people. It was at the Mcreynolds house as in M + S not the Stake President and yet again the 'curse' held firm. I got their okay but got totally lost on the way home and ended up going on a magical mystery tour of the countryside.

Okay, to be honest the main reason I got there with no problems getting there was that I was following Engineseer who has Satnav. The only problem was that he seemed to forget that I didn't have a handy gizmo to warn me when a corner or intersection was coming up. So following him was a hair raising experience to say the least.

Well it's institute again tonight, and hopefully, touch wood, pleads with Fate etc, I'll get to stay for the whole night this time. as I missed it last week due to all of the 'technical problems'. :-)

well that's all for now.


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Anonymous said...

I hope your sister's wedding is nice! You should write a post about the food. I enjoy hearing about the food.