Monday, January 07, 2013

weep for the future

There are two things which are pretty inevitable every Friday when I finish work.

The first is the to resist that urge which near enough everyone gets to run from the building doing your best Mel gibson Scottish/Australian accent  screaming "freedommmmmmmm"

The second is that events will always conspire to make sure you just miss the bus you hope to get and have to wait for the next one.

If the fates are feeling cruel you can sometimes get to the pick up point just in time to see the bus disappear round the corner. If their feeling especially cruel the bus can still be there but someone has just grabbed the last seat.


Anyhow I waiting for the bus and a couple ( and by couple I mean actual couple, who got together sometime ago but to the relief of many have got over the lovely dovey stage which they were expressing by meowing at  each other and by meowing I mean as in cat) were also there, when the girl noticed a planet in the sky. The following conversation was to by regret totally serious

Girl : Ohh that star is bright
Boy: That's not a star
Girl: Is it a planet?
Boy: no planets are too far away to see without a telescope.
Girl: Then was is it?
A pause from the guy and that he said with great conviction
Boy: It's a plane
Girl: Really?
Boy: Yes, we are a airport aren't we?
Girl: It doesn't seem to be moving very fast for a plane
Boy: Well that's because it's so high up, so far away and the light is so bright. It's really making great big circles up there
Girl (giggling): you are so clever. I didn't know that

I meanwhile tried not to weep for the future of mankind

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