Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Bandits... 12 o clock

Okay so working at the airport has certainly proven to be a interesting experience.

In the past couple of years it has been closed due to a Volcano in Iceland, a bomb threat ( okay well technically the bomb threat didn't close the whole airport only our section of it, and technically it wasn't a threat but a actual bomb but c'est la vie, you get my point etc, etc) and yesterday it was closed yet again.

The reason? Well we heard that a aircraft's undercarriage had collapsed on landing. Being such a major airport we were wondering what kind of plane it was. Was it a cargo carrier? A large passenger plan? Or a small one?


It was a spitfire.

I'll say that again one of the major airports here in the uk was closed due to a crashed spitfire on the runway.

And even then the airport continues to insist it didn't crash, it landed safely before the undercarriage went.

Now I'm not sure why they are getting so defensive about it as let's face it people are going to be more focussed on the fact it was a spitfire as opposed to what it actually did.

Although Grumpy later pointed out that the more ironic thing is that it will have to be send to the USA for repairs as we don't have the facilities to repair it in this country.

Yep, we can no longer repair one of the iconic British aircraft.


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