Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Those ole good intentions

Okay, well I think we can agree that last year posting here on grumblings kind of went totally to pot.

For a number of reasons.

But c'est la vie. What's done is done, can't change what's in the past, insert time related cliché here, etc, etc, etc.

But you know, it's the 1st day of a new year, so I need to get things corrected where I've been slacking off a little and this little blog of mine was near the top of the list.

Especially as my online presence as it were is expanding. More on that soon :-)

But first up, if you have a moment please go and visit my Mum's new website at
http://www.susanbeaumonttheartist.co.uk . A christmas present from me to her it is show casing all of her paintings. And there are rather a lot of them.

I now also have a twitter feed which you can see here

I am also writing another blog now at

Which is detailing my various photographic exploits.

The twitter and the other blog are leading up to something, which I will reveal more of soon.

Now I would go on but unfortunately I am back in work tomorrow which should be a rather fascinating experience.

I'm sure some others mind use other words then fascinating to describe it, but That's what I'm gonna stick with for now.

Later folks

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