Friday, January 11, 2013

Alas Poor jessops

Well jessops has gone to that great high street in the sky to join woolworths, ottakers, Virgin, Borders and Somerfields.

Now I'll admit I have been buying my last few major additions to my kit from online, but it was nice to have a shop on the high street where you could pop into, to get any little odd's and ends like filters or a new cleaning cloth.

Then of course there's always that "play before you buy factor" which you just can't get online. Now with the big stuff like lenses it doesn't really matter that much as lets face it, if you want a macro lense you'll buy a macro lense.

I was more thinking about the stuff like camera bags. However can you know before hand if you're going to like a camera bag? It mike look great on the website but feel the most uncomfortable thing ever where you put it on.

Plus no more jessops academy either.

Boy, I'm glad I didn't wait to go on that course.

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