Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's that time of year

Yes, the working year has started again and so far 2013 seems to be pretty much matching 2012.

Well asides from it being that special time of year when the canteen staff look a bit nervous and you can buy whatever you want from the trolley which comes round at regular intervals or one of the vending machines as there simply stocked to overflowing.

Yes, I could only be talking about that old chestnut of new years resolutions.

Of course not everyone is firmly melded to the idea of giving things up, as one of the girls from our team cheerfully tucked into a cake and crisps today.

When asked if you was not following any new years resolutions, she cheerfully replied that she usually doesn't make it past mid January anyway so why miss out on the cake and crisps she could be having?

I suppose there's kind of a twisted logic there.

If you look hard enough.

Although I suppose it could be worse as the weather this winter seems to be keeping to the "wet" theme as opposed to "cold", which although somewhat dank and depressing it really rather easier to drive in.

Plus it doesn't get me all wound up at the start of the day because as regular readers will know, driving in ice is not my favourite thing.


Later folks

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