Thursday, January 03, 2013

Try to keep a straight face

Okay, so the very nature of my job means I get to interact shall we say with a wide variety of people with a rather varied selection of personalties and temperaments on a daily basis.

And saying varied is a bit of understatement. Kind of like saying water is wet :-)

It's always important to keep your cool and a straight face, or straight voice technically but even I was struggling today when I had a rather upset customer declare

" You are threatening to unleash forces beyond your understanding"

And before you ask I'm fairly certain his name wasn't Ming, Cruella, Dr Evil or Dok Ock.

I was also watching TV tonight and I was vaguely amused to see a advert on one channel advertising a new series of a program with the last line of the voice over stating " Drama that inspires you" .

The program? Well somewhat surprisingly, the Walking dead.

Yes apparently a program about zombies taking over the world is supposed to "inspire" you.

Quite how, it doesn't state.

But I'm sure if you ever face your own zombie outbreak it will certainly inspire you as to what to do.

Or if you not you'll probably just end up as lunch.

Later folks

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