Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Mr Saxon goes to Poole: Sunday morning. " It's what time????"

At most conferences I've been too it's always the last day where it's most difficult to get up and this conference was no exception.

I'll admit that unlike most people I don't get a lie in on a sunday morning but 6.30pm when I had only gotten to bed a few hours before.....

Couldn't you at least get a later start time depending on how far you've come to the conference? Hey you've travelled four hours to get here, so feel free to show up around 11 okay??

Well it might catch on

anyway, it was breakfast in the same place, which was nice although it's always a pain trying to ea a fried breakfast whilst wearing a white shirt.

It's usually the same for sunday evening meals at conferences. They always give you something with gravy, but hey I digress.

I ran into cheery at breakfast, although to be technically accurate she ran into me ( it was in the process of giving me a big bear hug mind you :-)

I ran rather into speed up and roch who had arrived rather late to get breakfast. In fact most of the attendee's were still hanging around giving the restaurant staff fits as we were practically fill up two thirds of the place. Although it did lead to some interesting teaching experiences as it were for some people as some of the other customer s were rather intrigued as to this rather large group ( and rather happy for that time on a Sunday morning) were.

The Sunday conference/testimony meeting was held at the same primary school that we had done the service project at the previous day. Even though it wasn't a chapel the chairs were just as uncomfortable after a long period as any plastic chairs you will find in a chapel. I mean seriously who designs those things??

It was a wonderful session, if a little hard at times to keep focussed, mainly due to all of the bright displays on the walls of the school hall. Well you know what they say about simple things and simple minds :-)

But then with that sudden finality that I knew all too well from YSA conferences, it was all over. Well bar lunch of course, but unfortunately with it being a Sunday I knew traffic would be heavy and with the distance I was going to have to travel I really wasn't going to be able to hang around no matter how much I wanted too.

So it was with a heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to my new friends and a couple of old ones and hit the road. However the trip back wasn't as plain sailing as I hoped due to two issues.

Firstly despite being able to make the trip down without stopping, I fund myself having to take a long break to get some feeling back in my foot as although a clear run can be easy, your foot tends to hurt keeping it in exactly the same position with exactly the same amount of force.

The second problem was the sat nav suddenly decided to roll over and die on me, which when you're the other end of the country is kind of a major problem. Fortunately I was able to get home the old fashioned way.

By following road signs :-)

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