Friday, August 19, 2011

One day left to go or to put it another way for whom the bell tolls

Ah inevitability. Seeing as I am unable to make the world turn back on it's axis ala superman style and seeing as I lack a flux capacitor or a cosmic cube I simply have to face fact's that you've won this round and it exactly one hour and 41 minutes ( at time of writing) I will be leaving my 20s behind and passing into my thirties.

Which isn't as scary as I thought it would be. It's more of a sense of C'est la vie.

Of course 10 years ago when I passed into my 20s I was certainly was not expecting to be where I am now ( fortunatly the amount of people who say " everything happens for a reason" has been minimal) which I suppose proves that old adage that the directions you can take in life can certainly be unexpected.

Anyway, the last couple of years have bought all sorts of surprises and I'm sure the next two years will do so as well because after all I am up to some new and different things right now. I'm in the middle of a major bedroom redecoration, I've been practising my art skills and been very pleased with the results as maybe this old dog can be taught some new tricks :-) Plus this week I decided if I ought to get a new "wardrobe" for my new wardrobe and spent a rather scary amount of money ( for me anyway) on some new clothes. Which also cheered me up no end as I found I have dropped a t-shirt size and a Jeans size since the start of the year.

Which might now sound a lot after eight months but considering I had spent so long ( too long!) going the other way it's really rather nice to be going the other way.


that's all for today folks. I'll see you tomorrow when I'll be officially three decades old.



Scully said...

Happy Birthday! I'm nearly 3 years into my 30s, and I rather enjoy them. There comes a level of confidence with it that is nice. Plus, a lot of the internal uncertainty about who you are is gone. Enjoy it!

Saxon said...

I will do scully and in fact I have already been doing so :-)