Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well finding myself with nothing better to do I went to the cinema last night to see Captain America, mainly as it looked like it's going to be disappearing from the cinema's surprisingly quickly.

Anyhow I was walking into the cinema with my a totally healthy snack purchased from the counter ( and if you believe that you'll believe anything) and I suddenly heard a shriek of

" OMG ( she didn't say exactly those intials but rather the words) Saxon! ( she didn't say that word either but you get the idea)"

My First thought was that somebody from the YSA was there but then I realised that nobody from YSA would start a sentence like that. Which then left the big question. Who was it?

As it turned out I had managed to turn up for the same showing as somebody from work, which is pretty amazing in itself when you conside that people from work come from four different counties, but not only that I had managed to book the seat directly behind hers!

Still the film was very good as it turned out as it managed to weave together quite a few plot points ready for the avengers film next May ( that's avengers as in the marvel avengers not the 60's avengers from the tv as one YSA person thought when I was trying to explain after the showing of Thor).


Later folks

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