Friday, August 12, 2011

All is calm, all is quiet

Well it's been a quiet old week as there's been absolutely nothing going on at all, no sir nothing at all...

unless you count all that rioting. Well you do count it? Oh right in that case rather a lot has been going on .

Joking aside it was getting pretty worrying, especially when things kicked off in Nottingham and Leicester. Fortunately that died out pretty quickly what with the rioters in Nottingham being able to miss with petrol bombs from point blank range and the rioters in Leicester choosing to loot poundstretcher.

Seriously Poundstretcher? Of all the shops they could have gone for they go for poundstretcher?

Still I think the riots can be best summed up by a quote I saw on Facebook. " Only in Britain can you have rioters in £100 trainers, organising themselves on £300 smart phones complaining about poverty"

I'm off on Holiday next week, but I have to work tomorrow first. Which I don't mind really as I was scheduled to work the Saturday on August Bank Holiday which really would have caused me problems. However we had to do a bit of a shell game with schedules today as the guy who I swapped the Saturday shift with , well he's been doing my shifts this week and I've been doing his ( as you get a hour less each day to make up for the Saturday). However he really needed to leave early today and I really need to go early the friday before bank holiday ( still with me?) So we swapped shifts again today which means I work one more hour then I had to and he didn't.

Confused? Well I think my manager was a bit as well. But she simply shrugged and said she trusted us to make sure it all added up at the end of the month.

Still for a Friday it's been a good day especially as I aced my kpi's for this month.


Later folks

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