Monday, August 01, 2011

I don't need to know that

I was a little nervous when arriving home I discovered a large rather full A4 envelope from my bank. Now considering the average size of the stuff I get from them is smalelr then A5, I was sure a A4 envelope was no good.

However I was surprised to find that as part of a new push to provide "better" customer service then now give all of their customers a break down of their finances for the last twelve months.

And by breakdown I mean a complete breakdown.

Want to know how much money you paid in each month, well it tells you that. It also tells you how much you paid out each month and helpfully decides to point out to you if you paid out more then you paid in.

It also tells you exactly how much money you have spent on your card and where.

So wanna know how much you have spent on petrol at your local petrol station? It will tell you that. Want to know how much money you have spent on food at your local supermarket. It tells you that too.

this report is incredibly detailed but there in lies it problem. I don't want to know how much I spent on petrol in the last year, I already know it's too much! And I know I can't have spent that much on food shopping in a year.

Can I?

I'm like most people, I'd prefer to ponder on how much I have to last this month and not if I overspent six months ago.

Speaking of which petrol is now up to £1.33. Sigh...... I remember when it used to be 80 pence.


Later folks

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