Saturday, August 20, 2011

3 decades and counting

Well considering I'm now officially even older it's not been a bad day at all.

Oh who am I kidding it's been a great day. Especially as I got a totally unexpected present. A rather nifty and very nice digital SLR. Which I haven't stopped playing with at every spare chance I've had all day as it's fantastic ( and I still can't quite believe I have one :-)

Anyway of course slightly lacking in subjects once the battery was charged, I decided to try and get one of Owen. And so this is officially the first photo from my new camera.

I'm not sure if Owen knew this mind but he's looking rather serious in this photo for some reason don't you think?

Of course the camera wasn't the only thing I got as I also got a card and gift voucher for HMV from Owen. Quite how he got out of the house to buy the card I have no idea let alone how he got the gift voucher :-)

I also got a gift voucher for Jessops from my Two sisters Multi-task and speed demon which has already gone on a nice camera bag, some cleaning gear and a memory card.

I'll admit that I've used that voucher a little quick for me but what the heck, I have a shiny new toy and I want to play with it :-)

This afternoon ( after a quick skype chat with Tap Dance whose out of the country right now. Owen is still confused about where her voice is coming from :-) Grumpy and I went to the cinema followed by a visit to Frankie and bennys which was rather nice. I'll admit perhaps not the wildest way to spend a Thirty birthday but it suited me just fine.


LAter folks


Alice Wills Gold said...

Happy Birthday.

Can't wait to see your photos.

Saxon said...

Thanks Alice.

I hope you've been liking the photos