Monday, August 15, 2011

Five days and counting

I've been pondering about this forthcoming Saturday and I've been reminded of the Friend episode where Rachel turned 30 and it shows Joey's less then calm response to this

" Why? We had a DEAL! Let the others grow old"

and lets not forget

" and now chandler, we're all getting so old. WHY are you doing this to us?"

As I have been watching on facebook lots of people I knew from school all hitting the same milestone. Of course I'm up last as it were because my Birthday only just got me into the school year I was in. Which meant I was amongest the youngest in my year at school but at church I tended to be amongest the oldest among sunday school classes etc.

Which tended to be very confusing on a whole number of levels but c'est la vie :-)

Still growing Old is one of thise things you have to accept in life, so I better just try and be gracious and calm about it.

We'll see if I still feel like that in four days time


Later folks


Anonymous said...

aah saxon! (thanks for the link the other day by the way) Dont worry about being 30! life begins at 30 anyway, or was that 40?

And you have to look at it like this, as we are al living longer anyway, you're practically 24!

Also, if an unmarried man is a menace at 25, what is he at 30??? Probably less of a menace to society I hope!!

and at least you are the youngest out of the school year, thats something to be proud of!

Saxon said...

I think where lift begins is always ten years ahead of what your actual age is.

As to what a unmarried man is at 30I have no idea. I'm rather afraid to ask :-)