Saturday, August 13, 2011

My body clock isn't the only thing that's screwed up

Well with todays Saturday shift out of the way I can finally look forward to my week off. Even so my body clock feels totally confused right now what with the swapping shifts back and forther.

In fact it feels even more confused then Owen looked when he seemed to be wondering why I was going to work on a Saturday. But then again he's had a very confusing day as he's been trying to understand what skype is and why people have suddenly shrunk into the computer :-)

Still my body clock isn't the only thing that is completely screwed up right now as I came home yesterday to find a letter from the tax people who it seems are only just dealing with the tax year 2008-2009. Yes that's right the tax year from two years ago!

Yes anyway the carming little letter told me that they after totalling up their sums had decided I hadn't paid enough tax that year and had unpaid by a mere £300!!

But they were very helpfully not going to make me pay until next April which for two of you keeping it up would have been in the tax year three years after the year they were questioning.

I was not feeling a very happy bunny after receiving this letter at all.

Grumpys suggestion was to write a letter to the company I was working for at the time to see if they could explain how I wasn't charged enough tax. So I was just about to print said letter off when I suddenly had a thought.

Although I hadn't found my p60 for that year I rarely throw anything important looking out so I must have that p60 somewhere and I had one last place to look and what do you know it was there. ( see kids this is a good example why you need to save those unimportant bits of paper you get at the end of every year) and after looking at the form whatta you know? It said I had paid what I should have paid and not what the taxes people said they thought I had paid.

So now Saxon ANGRY! Saxon SMASH!

Or rather get mildly perturbed and ring up their taxes help line. Which seemed designed to not let you get through to a actual person. Who to be fair was actually quite helpful. He looked up the records and confiremd their P60 on file matched mine and I had paid the right amount. So he couldn't explain the letter saying it made no sense but would pass it on and I could expect a update within 4 weeks with any changes. He then helpfully aded that it was probably just a data entry error so it wasn't a big problem.

Not a Big problem??

A data entry error and I suddenly owe you £300 and it's not a big problem?

Oh well, at least it looks like I won't have to pay it so all's well that ends well I guess. and a good object lesson for all my english readers. Do you know where last years P60 is let alone thones before it? You could need them......

Later folks

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