Thursday, December 08, 2011

Yo,Ho Blow the man down

Well it seems that winter has finally arrived.

Oh joy....

I was woken up yesterday in the very early hours of the morning by what had to be one of the most impressive rain storms I have seen or heard for that matter in a while as the sheer force of it pounding on the window, the side of the house and even the roof was more then enough to wake me up ( Grumpy mind you never heard a thing)

Of course with such a awe inspiring display of natures might I did what I did last time something major happened ( the earthquake) I simply went back to bed.

And today well we've had rain, a lot of rain and wind. Lots and lots of wind, in fact it's still going outside! Still it's not as Bad as scotland where it's been so bad a wind turbine caught fire as it was spinning around too fast!

But at least as it's December we've having a "dress down month" at work so I can go in wearing a nice thick coat and jumper as it would be rather cold having to wear my usual shirt and tie.

I did find out that unfortunatly due to wonderful timing of planning I've been scheduled to work New Years eve! Which although somewhat annoying could be a lot worse. I'm only having to work four hours and at least it's not Christmas even instead!

Mind you at the rate things are going I'm not sure if myself or anyone in my team is going to have much left in the way of sanity by the time Christmas day rolls round as with the christmas rush in full swing things are going ever so slightly, completely and utterly manic!

Still at least it keeps lift interesting.


later folks

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