Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fear the evil car catcher

There are two problems to working at the airport.

Firstly due to the large amount of open ground ( somewhat unsurprising at a airport) the wind has nothing to impede it so it tends to get cold. Really, really cold, which is fine at the start of the day when you can wait for the minibus to pull up before you jump out of your car and scuttle across the car park but rather annoying at the end of the day whilst you have to wait for the minbus to appear out of the darkness.

Secondly is the threat of the "car clampers". Now if you're good like me and park in the right car park you have nothing to fear. Now if you're one of the very naughty people who like to try parking on the roads around the airport or in the wrong car park you certainly have something to fear.

Now I say certainly because the clampers are a bit of a "bogeyman" style threat around the airport. You often hear of them but try as you might you can never find anyone whose actually seen them but you can always find someone whose heard of someone who did get clamped.

So me, well being me I tend to imagine them sometimes as either stealth ninja clampers leaping from rooftop to rooftop swinging clamps around their heads in agressive fighting style, or them looking like the child catcher from chitty, chitty, bang, bang as they prowl the roadways looking for poor little cars left in the wrong place.

Yes, I know my mind goes to bizarre places sometimes doesn't it?

(that's rhetorical btw :-)

Later folks

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