Monday, December 19, 2011

May you live in very interesting times

If there is one word that can describe the events of today quite well and yet still be a massive understatement, well that word is "interesting".

And I'm not kidding here.

We were expecting the day to be a little busy as let's face it, it was a Monday plus the last Monday before Christmas but even staff who have been there for a lot longer then I have were still shaking their head in absolute amazement/bemusement at how totally and utterly manic things became.

Still in the line of work we're in it's better to be working at maximum capacity rather than sitting around twiddling your thumbs as that would not be a good sign.

Of course we do have four more days of this to get through before we break up for Christmas.

Which are no doubt going to be as equally as entertaining.

Oh well at least it keeps us from getting bored.

Later folks

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