Monday, December 12, 2011

Ace ventura....... Car hire specialists?????????

Working at a airport you can sometimes see some strange sights. Be it from stupidly huge lorries trying to get down very narrow roads, snow ploughs driving around in the middle of summer or the general weird lighting effect you get at the end of the day on the minibus as everyone turns on their phones to find out what's happened on facebook in the three hours or so since lunch.

But even I was surprised this morning when on the bus we saw a car driver out of car hire place with it's windscreen a solid sheet and the driver obivously not wanting to clean the windscreen doing his best ace ventura impression.

And I don't just mean having his head out of the window, we're talking the head and most of his upper body and torso as well.

Fortunatly he was only driver it next door to where he set out from as otherwise we would have ...... well I'm not sure what we would have done but considering the narrow confines of our road and the trucks and vans coming down it on a regular basis the end result could have been nasty.


Later folks

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