Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trying to tell you something

Sometimes you have to wonder if the universe gives you signs. Like you finally find your sunglasses just in time for the sun to disappear for the rest of the year. Or you go out with a umbrella, and thick overcoat to find yourself melting as the sun blazes away all day.

So you have to wonder what the universe was trying to tell the new president of France as not only was he soaked to the skin and ending up looking like a drowned rat during a inauguration cermany his plane was then hit by lightning!

I'm sure you will agree a memorable start for all of the wrong reasons!

It's been a little bit of a strange week at work as I have been doing a run of late shifts. But in our teams case "lates" are quite as late as everybody elses "lates" ( still with me ? :-) There just late enough from our regulat shifts to throw you off just ever so slightly.

Still it could be worse I suppose :-)

We've also started to prepare for the olympics as I think it's safe to say it will prove to be the most interesting time we've experienced since that volcano errupted!

But at least it will keep life interesting.

Later folks!

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