Saturday, May 19, 2012

The ad's keep getting interupted by a tv program

Grumpy pointed out last night that the ad breaks on tv seem to be getting longer and longer. In one hour program we had five ad breaks alone!

However he also noticed that on one channel each ad break was consisted of on average 12 ad's alone. It used to be ad breaks gave you just enough time to go to the loo before quickly scuttling back to your favourite chair before the program started again.

Now you can go to the loo, get yourself a drink and in some cases fix yourself a sandwich if you so wanted before settling backdown in your favourite chair with time to spare.

We have found that we are keeping to the digital channels these days more and more as seeing as we don't like soaps, some homegrown dramas and are not that really bothered about reality shows or the latest celebrity talent thing ama jig there's not much on.

Of course there are some notable exceptions.

The tv series castle being one of them. Yes the premise behind it, is pretty much totally unbelievable but they seem to get that and never pretend it's anything else then a lot of fun.

CSI however now seems to be the totally other end of the scale as it's now totally unbelievable but they don't seem willing to accept that for a minute and that the series seems to have reached the end of the line.

Come to think of it, it's been a while since we've watched any of the csi's.

never mind,

I'm sure I was doing something more constructive...... I hope.

Later folks

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