Tuesday, May 22, 2012

of course if it was the other way around

With my KA going ot the great junkyard in the sky ( or near coventry in this case) I'm found myself having to cope with some of the ever so fun government forms that most of us are forced to use from time to time.

The first form seemed to be very simple as it was part of the car's logbook. You feel in your details on the form, the details of the person you sold the car too and send the form off. four to six weeks later you get back a form confirming your no longer registered owner of the car.

Sound simple right? Well if you don't get the confirmation it gives you precise instructions to follow that are only on the back of the form that you have to send that off.

I'll just say that again in case you missed it. You have to send a form off and if you don't get confirmation they have received the form you have to follow the precise instructions on the back of the form you have sent off.

The second form I have been dealing with is one to get some money back as my tax disc wasn't due to run out for another month.

It also seemed quite easy until it advised me that there would be a 6 week delay before I would get any refund. that's six weeks. Two weeks more then the number of weeks I will get refunded.

Can you imagine if it were the other way round when it comes to buying a tax disc? Hey you're tax disc runs out in August but you know you can give us the money for a new one in about six weeks or so?

But then again I suppose considering the tax department are only seeming to be sorting out the tax year from three years ago nothing should be surprising.

Later folks

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