Sunday, May 13, 2012

A old un, but a good/true un

There's a old joke that if you have a rather busy holiday that you say " I need a holiday to get over that holiday".

But after the past four days this week I'm certainly feeling like that right now as it's quite literally been all go.

However the most signficant thing to happen was that I had to say goodbye to a old freind who is now rusting in peace. And no that's not a spelling error.

Yes, my faithful little green KA that has served me faithfully for more then six years has gone to that great junkyard in the sky. Or to be more accurate a junkyard near coventry as it decided it was time to fail it's MOT in dramatic style.

To the surprise of none of the junkyard companies I spoke to ( must be some sort of design flaw I guess) it had corroded underneath to such a extent that to repair it, by welding would have cost far in excess of what the car was worth.

and that was before the problems with the power steering which they found.

But I can't complain really as it was 12 years old even if it didn't look it. Seriously you couldn't see anything wrong with it at all. Which meant it looked a little sad as it disappeared down the road on the back of a truck.

Which confused Owen no end as to why we didn't seem concerned someone had taken my car.

Still at least with Grumpys car free it's not going to prove a massive obstacle getting back and forth to work.

Although when somebody asked if I was planning to buy a new car or use Grumpys car for the foreseeable future, I could honestly answer no and no......

I know what you are thinking? But how will get to work without buying a car and yet say he's not going to be using Grumpys car for the foreseeable future but then say he's using it? What is he up too????

Place your bets now folks :-)

Grumpy and I also spent a large chunk of Friday afternoon attempting to overcome the evil forces of that place that tries to bamboozle and confuse people to the point of insanity.

Yes, that;s right. We were putting together ikea furniture.

With my wardrobe together we just need to get the new light fitted and that should be it.

I'll admit a rather long time after I started but c'est la vie.

Which is rapidly becoming my motto right now.

Later folks!

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