Wednesday, May 23, 2012

there's a logic there

To celebrate summer "arriving" and as a motivational event work is arranging for a ice cream van to come on site all day tomorrow.

We have to pay for our own ice creams mind you and you have to admire the ice cream man for the hours he has chosen to be on site. He will be there round about the time the first people are due to have their morning breaks and will leave at around the time the last of the afternoon breaks are over.

So this means that technically people could have a ice cream in every break and their lunchtime. Whether the supply of ice cream will hold on mind you is quite another.

Grumpy however suggested with a fair amount of logic that if we get a ice cream man to celebrate summer arriving surely we should get a hotdog man during winter.

Regardless of who will be coming on or off site, it's been a very warm and sticky couple of days. Which of course meaning we're in england means people have switched from moaning about the nasty and miserable weather to moaning about the fact that it's too warm.

C'est la vie I guess.

Later folks

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