Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well read

Our team manager was recently amused to note after a quick morning walk round to check on the team the rather different selection of reading material that different members of the team had.

In fact she decided that in fact we were probably the best "read" team in the building as she noted that among the reading material we had a magazine on pool, a book of cake making, a guide to giving up smoking, a copy of the telegraph, a magazine on canoeing, a magazine on golf, a magazine on photography ( guess who that one belonged too :-) a copy of the hunger games and a book of mental puzzles.

Which to put into perspective you need to compare the next nearest teams reading material which consisted of one copy of the Sun newspaper, one copy of Heat and one copy of inside soap.

And just in case anyone was wondering the reading material is for Breaks and lunch only, cause we sure as heck don't have time to read it anytime else.

I also had a big surprise last night as I realised I had what can only be described as a masssive "d'oh!" moment as I had it fixed in my head Elder Enginseer was due back in May. Well he wasn't as he is actually now home.

And how did I find this out? How else do you find anything out these days? Facebook!

later folks

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