Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The light at the end of the tunnel

well after what seems like one of the longest and most drawn out decoration jobs in history my room is almost complete.

And sooner then expected too as the guy who is coming to fit the new flooring and curtain rail due to weather putting a lot of his outside jobs on hold is now coming tomorrow. Which had prompted a fair amount of running around like a lunatic as I've tried to get the last few bits in order ready to remove everything from my room ready for the new floor to go in.

So tomorrow morning is going to start with a very early start to get rid of the old bed and chest of drawers, then it's a full day at work before returning home to put together my new bed and new chest of drawers.

Which I fully expect will mean I won't be able to find anything for the new few days but c'est la vie.

And then starts the full task of trying to decided what's going to go back into my room. It's time for another sort through and a trip to the charity shop methinks

Later folks

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