Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rain, rain, rain and to make a change a little more rain

It's been raining just a little bit.

Actually saying a little bit is like saying water is a little bit wet. Quite literally it has not stopped raining apart from a 5 minute or so period.

Which meant Grumpy and Owen have got very wet today. Twice! Whilst out on his walk. I also got very simply by moving between the car, the minibus and then into the office.

Plus with the wind it's been a very cold, wet and generally all round yucky day.

Which is apparently the technical term for it. Or so I'm told.

Still despite the bad weather the important thing is tomorrow I get to go and see the new Avengers movie. Mind you I'm refusing to call it "avengers assemble". What marketing genius thought of that idea? Because if you know about the avengers you know the significance of "avengers assemble" so you don't need that as a clue to what the film is about and if you don't know about them then the title is going to mean nothing asides from being a bit of a mouthful.

Later folks

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