Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The power of physics

Feeling slightly depressed the other day at going from YSA to SA, physics took it upon himself to cheer me up in his only usual unique way by listing what he saw as one of the main benefits of the move up, or as he put it back on my birthday " Becoming super old".

He pointed out that I have technically gone from having three letters as a identifier to only having two. He then proceeded to point out that this obivously meant it was good thing become super old as going from three to two means I have got a free 33% boost in efficiency.

Which set me off into a complete fit of the giggles as he reminded in his own way yet again that church can actually be fun sometimes :-)

Still, it's only a couple of weeks before the new avengers movie is out and boy have I been looking forward to this one. Plus it's directed by Joss whedon so my expectations are really high.

I am also considering to go and watch the movie battleship. There my expectations are nowhere near as high but who knows. It could be fun.


Later folks


Scully said...

In the US we have 'Mid-Single Adults' since it can be extremely depressing to be a 31 year-old hanging with the 75 year-old widows.

Saxon said...

their trying to get Mid-single's going in the uk but it's very slow going as it's not "official" and people are starting to do it themselves

fraggle said...

I'm encouraged that Mid-Singles appears to be getting at least official tolerance in the UK, especially after the inevitable backlash it received last year (some of the comments reaffirmed my belief that most people in the world are just downright insane!). It seems like most of the stuff that's happening is going on down south, though. Went to a Mid-Singles Convention in Cheltenham last weekend, which was really good, and of course Poole is in July (I don't think there are words to describe just how awesome Poole was last year).

Hope to see you down there :)