Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ally McBeal High school edition

At the weekend Grumpy and I ( well more Grumpy then me as he was manning the stand most of the day) helped out TapDance by taking some of her pictures to a art and craft fair to see if well we could see them basically.
You could dress it up in all sorts of flowerly language but that's it in a nutshell basically.
Anyway this show was at my old high school. Well kind of.
Basically during the time I went there many years ago they knocked the old school down and put a new one up in it's place and this did this by basically building the new school up on one side of the campus whilst the old one was still up and they then knocked the old one down.
As the meerkat would say "seemples"
Although they left the swimming pool and sports hall where they were, which means the site is now very different but strangely familiar.
So in the new school we use of the new ideas which is supposed to apparently help reduce bullying by having uni sex toilets ala Ally McBeal and it doesn't end there.
The said toilets right on the main corridor and are open plan. So all of the cubicles and wash basin are in plain sight.
Now maybe the "kids" today are comfortable in sharing bathrooms in that way and maybe that's something if they had tried "back in my day" might even have worked. But having a open plan toilet right off the main corridor?
That would be too weird even for me.
Later folks

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