Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Random thoughts

Only time for a quick(ish) blog post today so I thought I'd just share some of the random thoughts that have sprung into my head today while waiting for the phone to ring.

Smooth is of to the USA and it looks like after her mission it's almost certain that bosslady will be going to. R has recently got married to a US guy and will be heading over there, and SW is also getting married in the US as well. What's going on? Aren't they enough YSA girls in the USA for the guys over there? ( yes I know smooth isn't a girl, but it kinds of breaks the flow of my argument if I then have to add a line acknowledging this, rather then just convientantly ignoring the fact) Or have I just missed a YSA lesson which says the girls now need to marry guys in the USA. Before this sorta situation would have annoyed me, but now I'm dating coolcat It more just bemuses me. But I'm going to stop there before I slide into a semi-rant.

Prince Harry is over to Iraq. Fair play to him, I know as just a regular soldier it might be scary enough but to be a royal, well you might as well be wearing a bulls eye. Lots of the press have been slamming the decision saying that he will become a priority target for the bad guys and that he will increase the danger the troops under his command face. Well they may be right, but fortunately it's not like that they know he's coming. It's not like the media have been telling everyone the name of his unit and where he's going to be deployed is it? Oh wait.......

Britney spears has gone back into rehab for a third time. I don't care what her spokesmen say, something is seriously wrong there. I wish her well. It did remind me of what one of the guys said about the video to her song toxic. " It must have been such a hard job being her stylist for that video, "(changes to camp voice) one sequin, two sequins, three sequins, all done!" Having caught a bit of the video the other day, he looked like he could have well been right.

Just how much wood can a wood chuck, chuck? ( sorry being factious)

Is Bird flu was discovered at a turkey farm, why are sales of chicken down as well? It can't spread between packets of meat people! Or have just lots of people forgotten the difference between a chicken and a turkey.

Seeing as Nemesis is such a 'huge fan' ( the sarcasms filters they canna take no more) of Lilly Allen did wonder if she has yet seen her new song 'alfie' and the accompanying video. It did give me a idea for a experiment. Lock Nemesis in a room where she has to hear and watch the video, then after a unbearable amount of time ( probably 10 - 30 seconds in Nemesis case) push Lilly Allen into the room and see what happens. I bet only Nemesis would be walking outta that room.

I got stuck in a bit of a traffic jam on the way to work this morning and heard a song on the radio that I now unfortunately can't get out of my head. One of the chorus lines is " Watch me work it, I'm worth it". Work what? A computer, A light switch, the hover. What!! Tell me!! and why are you worth it!!! Not to sound like a awfully old foggey but some songs today if you do think about the lyrics it does make you realize just how stupid the song actually is!



Nemesis said...

You flatter me--that Lily Allen seems like a scrapper.

Also, if there ARE lessons about how YSAs should go marry American guys then they need to Stop Now. I'm going to wind up an actual real spinster if all the gorgeous English girls keep coming over here.

That's the thing about Utah: the odds are good but the goods are odd.

Saxon said...

If you thought her other song would prompt you to put a scewer in your ear, well this latest song alfie, well I'm sure it would give you the extra boost in sheer annoyance factor to win the fight!