Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random thoughts

According to Yahoo, the top four attributes that men are currently looking for in Women are brown eyes, Black Hair and that they like running and music. So I guess that means most men are on the look out for brown eyed, black haired female joggers who are listening to their MP3 players. Interestingly enough ( well probably not their interesting but hey I spend a large portion of my working day waiting for the phone to ring so I do have quite random thoughts at times) they was not list of what Women are looking for in a guy. Maybe that would be considered un PC or sexist.

Or probably not, but I was trying to think of some sort of way to bring up the next current pet peeve of mine at the moment without just dropping in randomly into the conversation without making myself sounding even stranger then usual, but of course I now realise by actually telling you that it kinds of negates the whole round about way I tried to go to mention this to begin with. The people who make a certain well known soft drink ( rhymes with yoke) have spilt their range of drinks into 'zero' and 'diet' and seem to be aiming them towards different genders. Zero to males, diet to Females. The male advery for the zero range invloves among other things a annoying ringtine and a guy walking into a lampost. This is apparently fine. Now the advert for one of the diet drinks involves three women who take their cans of drink into a lift, Hit the emergency stop button and wait for the technician to come and rescue them by lowering himself into the lift through the top hatch, while they get a good eyeful of him. The advert ends with them throwing all their cans into a very full bin of empty cans of the same drink, insinuating that they've done this before and will keep doing it. Now not only do I find this advert extremely sexist ( they'd be outcry if the roles in the advert were reversed) it's also a bit stupid as well. Here's why.

1) No offence in the slightist to any maintenance workers but I have yet to see one looking and dressing like he's just stepped off a catwalk doing any sort of maintenance work.

2) Just how close is his office to the lift shaft? It takes him two seconds from when the alarm sounds to get on top of the lift and get through the hatch

3) Surely the lift would have been taken out of service after supposedly 'breaking' so many times'.

4) Isn't the fact that it's the same three ladies getting stuck in the lift at the same time and around the same time each day just a mit suspisious?

5) What precisely does three women intentially getting themselves stuck in a lift have to do with a soft drink!

6) If I prefer the 'diet' as opposed to the 'zero' does that make me a girl?

See I told you I had random thoughts


Anonymous said...

Well I have two out of those 4 attributes (brown eyes and I listen to music).

But past that I think it's all a crock! Everyone is an individual and so are their likes and dislikes (despite peer pressure and such). So saying such things is pretty idiotic.

Saxon said...

Oh, I didn't say I agrred with that. I was also trying to make the point that it's idiotic to generalise what men look for in women. As the saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.