Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Worst timing ever

It's been snowing again today.

Although not a lot, just that light kind of persistent snow that you know is not going to settle and you look out the window and wonder what's the point of light snow.

Anyway of course for it to snow, it has to be cold.

And what could be better, then after a long day at work you come home to a nice warm house.

Indeed, What could be better?

Well I'll tell you what's worse, coming home to find that the boiler has been classified as defunct, as it has been leaking a very small bit of gas, meaning it's had to be shut off until a part is replaced, meaning no hot water and no central heating.

Did I mention it's snowing outside?

Which means we are having to rely of some heaters that tap dance used to use at her cottage, which means at least certain rooms are warm.

Or warmish.

so could be worse.

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