Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Shuffling the decks... erhh I mean desks

well it was moving day at work again.

But not just for me. Oh no.

Our whole team was moving.

And not just our team.

Our whole department was moving in what was a swap with another department on the far side of the building.

Which sounds simple. But it's not really because you have to give enough time for people to be able to clear their current desk, move across the building, get reset up and logged in whilst making sure enough people are still logged in to take calls.

So it was rather a masterpiece of precise timing and co-ordination.

That is when the IT systems decided to play nice.

Still it also lead to one of the most random comments of the day when we suddenly heard from beneth one of the girls desks as she was tidying out the rather random phrase of

" I've found a farm yard animal under here"

Later folks

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