Sunday, February 03, 2013

Vital stats

I don't know if I've mentioned this but I am now on the Elders quorum presidency.

Which meant I had to be released from my previous calling as ward missionary.

And release me they did. Twice. Now I'm not sure how that happened, maybe I'd just done that good a job they wanted to thank me twice, maybe they just wanted to be sure they were rid of me :-) Or maybe someone just forgot to take if off the paperwork.

Who knows?

Anyway we have been doing a lot of talk about home teaching, and all this talk about stats inspired me to have a look at the stats for my blog to see just how people are finding me.

It seems in the last week the top keyword searches that led people to me are

  • south park doctor who
  • lightsaber cats
  • only wakko pictures
  • warbuggy
  • young single and mormon bbc
which seems a little strange but is nothing compared to the all time top keyword searches that are

  • battlewagon
  • cat with lightsaber
  • lightsaber duel
  • cat lightsaber
  • lightsaber cats
  • lightsaber cat
  • doctor who rory
  • kitty wardwell
  • ramblings-from
  • snoopy doctor who 
So it seems I am attracted a lot of star wars fans who also have a thing about cats. However the one which really baffled me is Kitty Wardwell which after a google search transpires is a murder victim whose body was found after being stored in a freezer for 28 years

What the heck????? How do searches regarding a murder victim bring people here? 

That;s somewhat distrubing

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