Monday, March 05, 2012

Dream on

Sometimes at work our conversations can take a somewhat bizare turn as well, sometimes after spending most of the working day with the same people 5 days out of 7 you can run out of sensible conversations.

Well today the conversation turned to dreams and it was going quite well until one guy admitted that he had a dream featuring one of the girls from the team.

Which lead to a awkward pause where everybody was wondering where he was going with this. I'm sure the manager was hoping that it wasn't going straight to HR.

Anyway he proceeded to explain that he had a dream where he was in a shop and this girl ( who is a great sportsman and outsdoor man. She can usually be found paddling up or down some river or another but I digress.) was trying to sell him a wetsuit with matching gloves and boots promising that they would keep him dry.

There was another awkward pause. What would the girl say to this? Would she think the lad was crazy? Would she be weirded out? Would she be straight on the phone to HR?

Well as it turned out she was annoyed............

Because in her words "she would never get it wrong that a wetsuit keeps you dry because it doesn't, that's what a drysuit is for" and then told him if he was going to dream about her selling stuff to him, he needed to make sure he got it right.

which left the rest of else equally amused and baffled.

later folks

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