Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And everyone's head rotates 360

Okay, lets be honest. Facebook is a massive time wasting tool. It can sometimes be fun, sometimes education and sometimes informative but if we're all honest the thing it is best at is wasting out time.

However tonight has been one of those times that it has actually been quite informative as for once my usual encyclopedic knowledge of what was on the tv failed and I missed a program on bbc 2 regarding Mitt Romney. Which as you have probably already guessed was not focussing on his political views.

Looking at facebook however a vast majority of people from church did not as they reactions are currently ranging from annoyed to their heads doing full 360 degree exocist twists from their rage.

One of the best responses so far has been written by a former member of our ward and you can see it here;

Now I did try to look at the program on the BBC Iplayer but it's not yet available but I did find a rather amusing step by step commentary on the program where apparently at one point whilst in the MTC in utah the presenter asked a group of missionaries what criticisms they had about the church.

Talk about asking a question you are never going to get a answer too.

Later folks

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