Friday, February 24, 2012

Just in case you have a little bit of spare change hanging around

Well after being quiet for sometime it's appears the scientists of we've got nothing better to do university rather than doing something useful have actually been encouraging the enconomists at the university to also set their minds to things which are really not much use of all.

For example wonder how much the annual fees at Hogwarts would cost you? Well wonder no more as it apparently it would cost you £26,816.

Quite how they arrived at that figure, they don't explain. Or explain why they came to this conclusion in GBP rather than galleons.

Also are you struggling to keep a pesky rebellion under control whilst ruling you galactic empire in a galaxy, far, far away? Well you need a death star! And what would one of this megalithic orbital weapons set you back? Why all of the iron in the earths core plus a mere £543,511,248,000,000,060 in spare change.

Best start saving then :-)

Later folks

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