Monday, August 06, 2012

Mr Saxon goes to Poole : Prologue

It was raining, but lets face it for most of the summer it’s been raining of course, but then again for most of the summer I hadn’t finished loading my car, (a curiously difficult job as it turned out because when you’re going by yourself anywhere you tend to just keep throwing stuff in as you have the room until you have no more room because lets face it you don’t have to worry about leaving room for anyone else) ready for a long tripe then I had ever attempted before by myself.

A roughly four hour trip to be precise all the way “ dowwwnnn south!” . My goal? The town of poole. The reason? The pool multi-stake Mid singles conference. Why so far?

Well since being shown the door from YSA there hasn’t been much to do churchwise as the single adults program in the stake is nonexistent as far as I’m aware.  So I have gone from going to one activity a week to well basically being going from Sunday to Sunday with no contact from anyone.

So as they say getting out of your comfort zone is good thing I figured that going to the far end of the country ( and I mean that literally) was getting about as far out of my comfort zone as I could get.
Still there was a little voice going “ What are you doing????? Are you really considering going to the far end of the country to a weekend convention where at best you will know one person???”

Still, for once that little voice was very, very quiet  and I took a deep breath started the car and pulled out of the close determined to give it a try because well??? Why the heck not? It would be good to get to know new people, I hadn’t been to any fun activities in a while and I was certain for once I had everything I could possibly need packed into the car to cover all possible eventualities.

As I drove off I’m sure if inanimate objects could laugh my shaving kit still in the bathroom would have been laughing it’s backside off

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