Monday, August 06, 2012

Mr Saxon goes to Poole: Friday afternoon " Drive, drive, drive"

I’m sad to say that I am not without experience of driving to places by myself. However this was going to be one of the longest trips I have ever gone by myself. But I decided before I set out that I would wait until I had hit the halfway point before taking a break. Which was a good and sensible plan.

Which unfortunately did not take into account I ended up on what must be the longest road in the world with no decent service stations or any sort of service stations whatsoever. By the time I got off that road I was so close to Poole that I couldn’t be bothered to stop.

The weather was also switching in what can only be described as bands between rain and sun on a regular basis the further down south I went. I just mentally crossed my fingers that there was good weather around poole as I didn’t want to spend all weekend in wet weather gear.

Asides from that the only other issue I had was my CD wallet slipping down the side of the passenger seat which meant I couldn’t change the CD and was left dealing with the evils of commercial radio.

Which was fine at first but by the time you enter hour three and the same song has come on for what seems like the 12th time it starts to get a little annoying. Even if you’ve now become thoroughly indoctrinated and are singing along with every word. For example, payphone by Maroon five. I was thoroughly familiar with the words before I even hit Oxford!

Now unlike other activities accommodation wasn’t provided for this weekend but after much use of google fu I had managed to find a room in a nice little B& B for only £70 for two nights. But as it was turned out rather than B&B it turned out to be more just B as the conference provided breakfast and anyway I had to leave each morning before breakfast was served anyway much to the confusion/bafflement of the owners.
Anyway, the room as it turned out was a little small and in the very top of the B&B so it was a little bit like the reverse evolution of man walking up the stairs as the roof closed in. Also the ensuite was more of a walk in closet, as in take one step in and the shower is right in front of you, one half step to the right and your at the basin and turn 90% to the right at there’s the toilet.

Still considering the price I wasn’t complaining and I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be spending too much time in there anyway ( which turned out to a stunningly accurate assessment as it turned out).

So, with a little time to kill before the start of activities in the evening I decided to spend it, in the most constructive way I could after such a long drive.

I had a snooze 

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